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Qualified professional appraisers are required to comply with the current standards in appraisal report writing set forth by The Appraisal Foundation, Uniform Standards of  Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), updated every 2 years, and are held to the strict standards of the profession, including competency, ethics, confidentiality, methodology, documentation, market analysis, and record keeping.

Ann Marenakos, Director of Adelaide Fine Art, has the education, knowledge, experience, expertise, qualifications, and certifications necessary to meet these requirements for the IRS and the Courts.


Our appraisal reports are frequently used for:

Insurance Coverage

Documenting & appraising personal property to ensure that values and characteristics of value are

accurate and current for insurance coverage protection needs. Appraisals should be updated approximately every 5 years to ensure a collection's coverage is adequate, new pieces are added, and the appraisal report meets the current standards.

Is your homeowners' property inventory current?

When was your last appraisal prepared? If it was prior to 2015, the property values and documentation needed in a claim may have changed.

Estate Purposes 

Accurately conclude the fair market value of personal property for estate planning, equitable distribution, and for estate tax or probate purposes for families and their advisors. IRS Qualified Appraiser, USPAP Compliant 2020-2021 appraisal reports.


Charitable Contributions/Donations

IRS Qualified Appraiser, USPAP Compliant 2020-2021 appraisal reports written your Gift Tax Filing / Charitable Contribution.

Home Inventory Reports

Create fine art & antiques inventories for planning, multi-residential tracking, downsizing, or simply for your peace of mind. You may discover that you are living with valuable treasures!

We look forward to serving you to fulfill your appraisal objectives with credible results.

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